Travelling Smart - 10 Essential Travel Tips to Know Before Your Next Trip

March 01, 2017

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

You can't deny the fun and excitement of planning your next holiday. As it gets closer to your travel date, make sure you've checked off these 10 essential tips before you take off on your journey to avoid and travel blunders. So, where to this year?

1. Scan or take a photo of your passport and travel documents

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

  • Store it on the cloud for access when you have internet
  • Store it on your phone and/or laptop
  • Give copies to your family and friends to save you any heartache. This is also handy in the event of a disaster so they have all the information handy. (Touch wood)

2. Keep your cash stashed in different places

  • Don’t put all your cash in your wallet, on your body.
  • Divide your money in your check-in luggage as well as your backpack and carryon.

3. Keep a change of clothes (undies are helpful) and basic toiletries (less than 100ml liquid) in your carry-on

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

If your luggage gets lost, those undies and that toothbrush will come in very handy.

4. Put your room number and hotel address in your phone

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

5. Learn the basic geography of the country you are visiting.

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

Even if you are not the ‘map person’ on the trip and you’ll be relying on someone else’s map reading skills, it doesn’t hurt to know your bearings just in case you get lost. 

6. Carry a hard copy map

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

Hard copy? Yes, we have heard of google maps but when connection is poor and your phone battery is dead, you’ll be glad you’ve got a hard copy backup. And also we feel that the art of traditional map reading has been lost. Get your pen out and draw all over that map!

7. Get your vaccinations if you need them

Self explanatory but important!

8. Be properly insured

10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

Losing things at the airport or getting things stolen while you're overseas (especially gear!) sucks. Protect yourself and make sure you buy travel insurance before hand. As photographers, our gear is dear to us so let's not skimp out on a couple hundred dollars when you could end up thousands of dollars out of pocket instead.

We like the TID guys.

9. Backup your SD card with a backup device

WD Wireless Passport | 10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

We don’t always want to lug around our laptop while we travel so we love this Wireless Passport by WD that allows you to Transfer or back up photos and videos from your SD card in the field so that you can keep on shooting. You may also share your content stored on your My Passport Wireless using any device that is connected to the drive.

10. Use a Camera Bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag

No More Ugly Camera Bag | 10 Essential Travel Tips | No More Ugly Blog

Avoid looking like a tourist with an understated and protective camera bag so you’re not flashing your expensive gear around. Bring your essentials only and travel incognito with a No More Ugly Camera Bag.

We hope you enjoyed these 10 Essential Tips and Happy Travelling!

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