Matcha Made in Heaven - 5 Best Matcha Desserts in Sydney

February 15, 2017

No More Ugly | Matcha Made in Heaven

Undoubtedly, matcha is one of every foodies go-to flavours. Matcha is a fine green tea powder and is often associated with many health benefits. Nowadays, matcha isn't just found in your latte. Sydney is now decorated with plenty of cafes and restaurants that have hidden matcha treasures. 

One of our favourite foodies @eatwithkrit takes us on a magical journey to his favourite dessert spots featuring the one and only- MATCHA! 

What did you order Krit? 

No More Ugly | 5 best matcha places in Sydney- Passion Tree

Passion Tree Cafe

I ordered the Matcha Mochi Pancakes Stack: This dish is to die for! The mochi, matcha ice cream, red bean pancakes and matcha syrup all complimented each other beautifully, without making the dish sickly sweet. The pancakes were thick, but light and fluffy on the inside. Absolutely scrumptious!


No More Ugly | 5 best matcha places in Sydney- One Tea Lounge & Grill

One Tea Lounge & Grill
(Sydney CBD, Chatswood) 

I ordered the Green Tea Ice-Cream Baoger: This dish reminds me of the ice cream truck that came past after school when I was growing up in Thailand. The mochi-like consistency of the red bean patty is delicious. 


No More Ugly | 5 best matcha places in Sydney- Uncle Tetsu's Angel Garden

Uncle Tetsu's
(Sydney CBD Regents Place, Angel Garden Haymarket) 

I ordered the Matcha Cheese Tarts: It was love at first bite. Freshly baked, the matcha and cheese oozes simply oozes out. When chilled, the tarts itself were soft and moist giving a perfect cheesecake consistency. 

Foodie Fact: If you haven't yet tried Uncle Tetsu's baked goods, rule of thumb is to try them fresh as well as leaving them in the fridge to cool overnight. As a result you get two different textures.


No More Ugly | 5 best matcha places in Sydney- Chanoma Cafe Sydney

Chanoma Cafe Sydney: 
(Sydney CBD) 

I ordered the Matcha Soft Serve with Mochi: Chanoma delivered a smooth, creamy matcha soft serve. The matcha was gentle and it wasn't too sweet. Perfect for a hot Sydney summer day. 


No More Ugly | 5 best matcha places in Sydney-

Haven: tailoring coffee specialty:
(Surry Hills) 

I ordered the The Matcha Waffle: One of my favourite things about this dish was the presentation! The waffle was slightly sweet and it gradually became softer and softer as the matcha syrup soaked up. Topped with matcha ice cream, it really was a matcha made in heaven. 


About Krit: Known as Krticaldamage, Krit focuses on what is important to him in life: family, friends, fashion, his camera and most importantly food. He loves to explore and try new culinary experiences. As a passionate foodie, Krit aims to try things he's never eaten before. So don't ask him what he wants to eat because he'll want to eat everything! Come eat with him, @eatwithkrit. 

Follow Krit on Instagram: @eatwithkrit

All image credit: @eatwithkrit 


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