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July 04, 2017

No More Ugly Blog | The Frenchie Escapes

Meet Marine Raynard from the blog The Frenchie Escapes. Marine is a frenchie living in Sydney with a life mission to travel and explore the world. She's travelled to 47 countries and counting!

We interview the vibrant and energetic @thefrenchieescapes about her love for travel and what's behind her photography style. 

First things first, show us what's in your camera bag!

I generally always have my Canon 6D with me, preferably with my wide angle 16-28 Tokina Lens or 50mm Canon Lens. I also usually have my standard Canon lens 24-105 with me generally and if I go shooting wildlife or more precise stuff, I also bring my basic Canon zoom lens 70-300mm.

The Frenchie Escapes - What's in my camera bag

However all of this can get a little heavy sometimes, so sometimes I just bring my Fuji x100s which is great to just carry around and still do beautiful photos and portraits. In a way if I have only the Fuji with me, I have to work with it as this is my only option.

When I do a bit more adventurous stuff, I also bring my GoPro with me. Would love to update for the new one, but need to save a bit!

How would you describe your style of photography and what attracted you to that particular style?

My style is predominantly about travels, exploration and nature. I also love to capture people, and everything related to the ocean especially surfing. I still want to develop my ocean and surfing photography a lot more.

No More Ugly Blog | The Frenchie Escapes


I’ve always been travelling since a young age and taking pictures, even with super crappy cameras from the 90’s and 2000’s! My dad actually was filming and encouraged me to take pictures. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing but in a way it taught me to capture moments. When I was a teenager, I just took so so many pictures of anything but then I started realising as I was travelling of the power of taking good photos. I then finally got a decent camera after high school and got a bit more serious thanks to a few classes at uni and meeting other photographers.

Tell us a bit about your blog and why you started it?

The Frenchie Escapes is a bilingual blog in French and English about exploration and escaping to new places, whether this is next door in Australia or abroad.I want to show there are lots of places to discover easily and most of the time for free!

I also decided to start the blog to share my love of stories, of discovering new places and sharing my pictures. I really enjoy sharing my tips as well which can be useful for people planning on visiting the same place.

No More Ugly Blog | The Frenchie Escapes

Is photography your profession and how much time do you spend shooting every week roughly?

Unfortunately not, although I’ve done quite a bit of freelance photography before and hope to continue when I have a bit of time. But I’m lucky to still work in a creative role that I love as a Design & Content Specialist for a French company called Club Med, which has luxury all-inclusive resorts all around the world. There’s worse haha!

My shooting really varies from week to week. Sometimes life catches me and I don’t have as much time as I’d like to photograph. But if I had to count in a month, I would say I’m shooting at least once or twice. Sometimes I end up with way too many pictures and not enough time to process everything!

What's one of your favourite travel and photo destination and why?

To be honest Australia is pretty much amazing for photography, there are such different landscapes, between coast and country. Cities as well…

Another amazing destination is New Zealand. I wish I had more time but everything there is beautiful and perfect for the camera.

No More Ugly Blog | The Frenchie Escapes

What's a travel destination that's on your photography bucket list?

I have so many! Definitely Iceland, it’s been a while I’ve dreamed of going there but now that I live in Australia it’s a lot further from it than when I was in Europe haha!

Peru, Mongolia and Hawaii are also on my bucket list!

Are you working on any projects at the moment that you can tell us about? Any future endeavours or goals?

For the moment, I am trying to catch up with lots of articles, photos and videos I am publishing. I actually want to focus a lot more on videos as I have so many ideas, it’s more about getting it done in time now!

In the future, I’d love to create bigger projects and documenting stories around the world. Why not write a book or create a documentary as well? I love learning as I go and just keep doing what I love. I certainly have a lot of ideas but I’ll see how I go :)

No More Ugly Blog | The Frenchie Escapes

Do you have any inspiring photographers you follow? What do you like about their work?

I actually love to follow some more local photographers from around here and I am generally inspired by my friends as well. I like to search for new talents but I don’t oversearch either as I don’t want my style to be too much influenced by others.

But some that I really love at the moment are @thewanderinglens with her clean style of travel and water photography, @craigparryphotography for his amazing nature and ocean shots, and I also love @gypsea_lust for her dreamy shots and feeling like being always on holidays!

What's your take on today's photography saturated world where everyone can get their hands on a DSLR, or iPhone. Do you find this a challenge for emerging photographers and how do you find ways to stand out?

It’s a good question. I think there’s never been so many opportunity and tools to take pictures today which might be hard to stand out as everyone wants their piece of the cake.

However, I believe that if you stick to what you believe and work hard for your style, you will always have people liking what you do.

Also everybody has access to tools but not everybody can take a good pictures. It takes patience, general understanding of lights and style, a bit of luck, good editing as well and experience…

It’s also important to do more than just publishing photographies. Get involved with the community, explore new things, write, pause for a day, reflect, etc… But never be scared to go out and show your art to the world!

Love travelling and exploring the world too? Follow Marine on her adventures:

The Frenchie Escapes Blog

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