How Yoga Can Help Get You Out of Your Creative Block

March 24, 2017

No More Ugly Blog | How Yoga can Help Creative Block

Feeling like you're on a creative low? 

We found some interesting benefits that Yoga provides-  which will definitely get those ideas rolling in!

Yoga has been practiced for centuries but has revolutionised the way we work out today. So why is everyone rolling out their yoga mats? 

1. Better Sleep 

Yoga assists with the inward control of the senses and relieves pressure off your nervous system. With consistent trips to yoga class you'll be waking up more energised and ready to get into that creative project you have been working on! 

2. Stress Relief

Feeling stressed about that deadline you have to make by the end of the week? By taking a few minutes out of your busy day to do some basic yoga positions and focusing on your breathing, it will indefinitely take away that 'on edge' feeling that you're experiencing. 

3. Increases Blood Flow

Like most relaxation exercises, yoga significantly improves blood circulation in the hands and feet. Blood circulation also improves brain performance- making you sharper and more alert for your busy day!

4. Improved Concentration and Focus

Yoga focuses on physical concentration as it requires you to control your breathing as you move through a series of poses. Being aware of both your body and breath is a skill that can be incorporated into your everyday life by increasing your concentration through any task the day may bring you. 

We found some ugly-free Yoga places that you have to try! 

Yoga Bar: 

With branches in the CBD, Bondi, Five Dock and Rouse Hill, Yoga Bar provides classes that you can't miss. 

Image Credit: Yoga Bar

Humming Puppy:

Located in the heart of Redfern, this contemporary Yoga space will have you rolling out your yoga mat in an instant. 

Image Credit: Humming Puppy

Mindbody Playground (By Fitness Playground)

Mindbody Playground | Yoga

Unleash your inner Yogi at Fitness Playground's Mindbody Playground at any of their branches in Surry Hills, Marrickville or Newtown. From Aerial to Buti Yoga you'll be rolling your mat out in no time. 

Photo Credit: Tess Williams (Yoga Instructor), No More Ugly Creative 


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