Stop looking like a tourist with this camera backpack

May 07, 2018

Camera Backpack | No More Ugly | Black Vegan Leather

Get people to notice your bag, not your gear.

Whether you take photos everyday, or just on your dream vacation, we want to make it easier for you to travel with your gear so you can focus on creating awesome shit. 

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Backpack

1. Stop looking like a tourist

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather BackpackThe No More Ugly Camera Backpack is designed to be simple and sophisticated so you can carry all your essentials in one bag (without looking like a tourist). We all love providing a protective home for our gear and the backpack is perfect for your camera, lenses, drone, laptop and your everyday essentials. The design of the bag is structured meaning it will not flop over when it stands up.

When you're not using it for your tech, simply remove the padded inserts and pack it like a normal backpack. There are no unnecessary pockets so we can keep it minimal and sleek. The minimal design won't alert thieves that you're carrying around thousands of dollars of gear.

2. Travel Ready

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather BackpackThere is a safety pocket especially for your passport when you're off travelling the world.

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Camera BackpackTake your 15 inch laptop with you so you can edit on the go. Oh and the best part? No-one will notice you're carrying camera gear allowing you to travel like a local.

Check out the Pine Green Backpack.

3. Premium Leather, Vegan friendly

The leather we use is made of polyurethane and is animal and cruelty-free. It is fully compliant with international and American standards. It holds a California 65 and an EN71-3. The material is super soft and smooth to touch and has been created with ECO-friendly standards in mind. We are working towards creating a camera bag that is completely ethical and sustainable. We'll keep you updated on our journey!

4. Sturdy Straps, Comfortable Back

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Camera BackpackWhen you're carrying heavy things, your back and shoulders can take a bit of a toll. We've designed thick leather straps that are easy on your shoulders and a mesh back that softens the contact between your gear and your back. This should mean better posture.

Shop the Classic Black Backpack.

5. Weather Seal

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Camera BackpackThe No More Ugly camera backpack features weather seal zips and water resistant leather giving the bag a smooth and slick finish. This doesn't mean you can dunk your backpack in the pool but if you are outside and it starts raining, you can have peace of mind that the rain won't soak through the leather or seep through the zips.

6. Rubber feet

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Camera Backpack

Having your camera bag stand up sounds like a minor detail but we love it. You can place your bag on the ground without it toppling over. The bottom of you bag will also be kept clean.

7. Go out there and start creating

No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Camera Backpack

Get organised, and simply focus on what you do best - creating. Thieves won't know you're carrying around all that expensive gear.


No More Ugly Camera Bags | Vegan Leather Backpack

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