No More Ugly's Guide to Taking Better Photos

July 01, 2017

Are you looking for that punch in your photography but not sure what's missing? You might be new to the camera or you're in a steady relationship with the machine but you can never stop learning and trying new things in photography.

Whenever we got stuck with something photography related, the internet was our best friend. But more often than not we were hit with crazy technical talk that made us bookmark the page so we could "come back to it later". And sure enough we never "came back to it later". 

This is why we've spent countless hours researching, writing and designing this guide so that everything you need to know is in one simple, easy-to-read document.

This is the perfect guide for you if you want to take intentional steps to creating better photographs and up your photography game to the next level.  

Guide to Taking Better Photos Contents

Even if you are an experienced photographer who knows his camera inside out, it doesn't hurt to refer back to the guide to refresh some fundamental tips to think about.

The biggest tip is to shoot everyday and keep practicing. The more you get out there and capture images of different people in different locations, different objects and scenery, the more you'll learn how to get the killer shot.

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