Explore Now: 4 Must-Visit Places in NSW If You Love the Outdoors

July 01, 2015

Luciana Sulistyo (full-time Digital Marketing Guru + part-time photographer) shares her four favourite spots to explore and shoot in New South Wales, Australia. Check out these must-visit places if you have a thing for beaches and greenery.

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Garie Beach
Located within the Royal National Park is a place called Garie Beach. The drive was only fifty minutes from the Sydney CBD, but this place made us feel like we were thousands of miles away from home. The beach is quite empty yet peaceful and a hike up to the cliffs rewards you with endless views of the ocean.

Barrenjoey Headland Walk 
This 1km walking track leads up to the lighthouse that overlooks Palm Beach and is quite an easy walk. I kept looking back from the pathway while I was walking up and the views are just stunningly picturesque! *love heart eyes emoticon*
Click here for things to do at Palm Beach

Macquarie Pass National Park
Trees, trees and more trees! This place is for those who don't mind venturing off into the woods and jumping / climbing / sliding down on all sorts of things. My legs were very tired by the end of it all, but the experience was definitely worth it. You will find a beautiful waterfall hidden behind massive boulders if you keep on hiking through far enough...

Avoca Lake
I love the Central Coast it feels so relaxing and there are so many gorgeous beaches - I definitely want to go back to explore more places. Avoca Lake sits within Avoca Beach and is just a really lovely sight! The lake is so still and you'll find people calmly on their stand-up paddleboards or kayaking away. Definitely a fun spot to go :) 
Click here for things to do at Avoca Beach.



About Luciana
Luciana is a full time digital marketer born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. When she's not working you'll find her chilling at the beach, editing videos, hanging at various Sydney events, and eating! She shoots with a Sony RX-100 and loves taking candid shots of people amongst nature and random findings. Luciana loves exploring new places and can't wait to travel the world one day. 

Instagram: @lucys9
Youtube: Luciana

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