Explore Now: A Holiday in Fiji

April 11, 2016

By Carole Pilling - landscape photography feature

Have you ever been to a place that takes your breath away and takes you back in time 20 years, where the world seemed untouched?


Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is that place. ‘Yasawa’ means heaven and this place is a heavenly tropical sanctuary for the mind, body and soul. What I liked about it was that for most of the year it is an adult only retreat and has only 18 luxurious beachfront bures, (traditional Fijian bungalows).


I had never been to Fiji and wanted to experience the beautiful islands and friendly relaxed Fijians.


Yasawa caters for all types of people. Those that want to relax by the pool, sip cocktails and have daily massages, or to those that are more adventurous can dive, take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon Caves, snorkel, picnic on a nearby uninhabited island, kayak and hike.


Once shown to our Bures we were left to explore or relax. I wanted to explore so had a walk along the beach to the spa area. Guests had a treatment each day as part of their fully inclusive package. I walked to the lookout, which is perched on top of the hill at the northern end of the main beach, with a 270-degree vantage point of the island.


Each evening at dinner we received ‘The Sand Paper, which was a daily activities sheet for the following day, along with weather conditions, arrivals and farewells of guests and Fijian words of the day for guests to learn.

The time spent there was thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing and stress free. I plan to go back someday and have another few days being pampered. I love the island life!

About Carole
Raised in the UK and having a father as an airline pilot Carole has been lucky enough to travel to many destinations around the world. She is grateful for the opportunity that has given her, especially the desire for travel photography. She has been doing photography for approximately 10 years, recently updating her camera to a Nikon D750. Carole hopes to make the shift to full time travel photography in the near future.

View her work at www.carolepillingphotography.com.au

All images by Carole Pilling

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