Ta-Ku - Australian Musician, Producer and Photographer

March 17, 2016

Regan Matthews a.k.a Ta-Ku is a self-taught music producer and photographer from Perth, Australia. Scrolling through his Instagram feed of beautifully created portraits and urban landscapes gives you a chill and sense of passion. 

In an interview with Creator Class, he talks about how he first got into photography: 

How did you first get into photography?
"I was taking a lot of photos on my iPhone, and back then I was like, this doesn’t count as photography…I’m a joke, [laughs] I’m a phony. I was taking shots that I liked but it was taken on an iPhone…I would always have homies who had cameras and were posting amazing photos online or showing me photos when I’d visit them. The final straw was when I went to Japan for work and my friend Chad—his artist name is Repeat Pattern, he’s a beat maker as well—he lives there and he was into photography for a little bit. He was showing me the shots he was taking and some new lenses he’d just bought, and I was like, damn. He was doing and still is doing really incredible work. I think the [similarity] of us…really moved me. He was like, “just get a camera, just commit.” And so I did."

His dark and ominous portrayal of Tokyo juxtaposes the usual images you see of the vibrant and colour-pop city.

No More Ugly Blog - Ta-Ku | Tokyo

No More Ugly Blog - Ta-Ku | Tokyo

No More Ugly Blog - Ta-ku | Tokyo

"We have a tendency to approach art with such a serious tone, but Ta-ku wants to change that perception, for both the artist and the audience. He believes you can have fun with the process, enjoy yourself, and still produce quality work that resonates with others." - vsco

His portraits are dreamy and effortless always with a strong emotion seeping through them.

No More Ugly Blog - Ta-ku | Portraits

No More Ugly Blog - Ta-ku | Portraits

No More Ugly Blog - Ta-ku | Portraits

“There certainly is a definitive mood and feel to my photos and visual choices that help tell my story and also define my style. It oddly helps and accompanies the more emotive storytelling that I love to tell.” - Ta-ku

Ta-ku will be playing at the Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid Live Sydney 2016

All images credit - Ta-ku.

Here's where to see more of his work:





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